What is a Pastor? A pastor is a minister in charge of a Christian church or congregation.

What is a Evangelist? A person who seeks to convert others to the Christian faith, especially by public preaching.

What is a Teacher? The teacher is exhorted to engage in teaching (Rom. 12: 7). The “teaching” is the intelligent exposition of the truth through the Holy Spirit, and this leaves no room for the mind and opinion of man.


LLCU is committed to helping train students who will become Pastors, Evangelists, and Teachers in the Church setting. The University believes that the needs of God’s people can and will be met through those trained in our Pastor Ministry Degree Program.

Pastoral Ministry Degree prepares and educates students on the study of the (King James Version) of the Holy Bible, Church Ministry, and Pastoral roles. Students will have a understanding of the Old Testament, New Testament, the Doctrine, Salvation and Faith. Throughout the program students will have hands on experience and will practice preaching bible lessons in our Chapel-Door to Heaven Ministry located at 705 Leeland Heights Blvd E, Lehigh Acres, FL 33936 which is located next to Faith Lutheran Church.

Learning Outcome: Graduates will demonstrate a deep understanding of the Pastoral function, church structure, and deep understanding of the Bible. All Pastors shall graduate with “Life Experience Preaching” and high public speaking skills.

Our Program

This area of study promotes critical thinking and informed reflection on the study of the Bible and Pastoral Ministry. Students ought to develop familiarity with the basic content of, and modes of scholarly inquiry into, selected biblical foundations, including forms of religious ethics, and to develop productive intellectual attitudes to guide them in their pastoral ministry.


The Department of Pastoral Ministry offers

  • Associates in Pastoral Ministry Degree
  • Bachelors in Pastoral Ministry Degree
  • Masters in Pastoral Ministry Degree
  • All programs include a minor in christian biblical studies.



LLCU is committed to helping train students who will become Christian counselors. The University believes that the needs of God’s people can and will be met through those trained in our counseling program.


Why study counseling and human services at Lions Life Coaching University? If you are interested in being a people helper, this degree provides a solid foundation for understanding people and the various ways to help them through difficult circumstances. If you are interested in one of the helping professions as a career, you will need to apply now.

Counseling Program
The counseling program at LLCU integrates a Christian emphasis with the basic research, theories and techniques of the counseling professions. The faculty have professional credentials in several of the helping professions, and most have also served in church-related positions. Students majoring in counseling have the opportunity to earn 100 hours of experience in a counseling-related setting, receiving directional supervision from a professional on site, through the internship program.

The counseling major focuses on an undergraduate preparation for the field of professional counseling. Because a graduate degree is expected in the field of counseling, the program has the preparation of students for graduate school as a primary goal. We also offer Masters degree in counseling for students pursuing a graduate level degree to further their education.

Internship Possibilities
Internship possibilities are very diverse, including those in children’s homes, state agencies, specialized church ministries, counseling facilities, women’s shelters, ministries for the handicapped, hospices, teen centers, specialized camps, and more. The goal is to align the internship site as closely as possibility with the student’s future goals.

Sometimes, an internship opens the door for future employment. A successful internship, at least, provides one more reference and experience resource for both graduate-level education and employment possibilities.


With our degree, graduates have worked at women’s shelters, children homes, and in a variety of other helping jobs that do not require a state licensure. Others have moved directly into long-term ministry positions in the church. Many have used these positions as the financial base for continuing their education to the master’s or doctoral level.

Our graduates who have worked in church settings have found that the counseling program provides a solid background for working with individuals and groups, for helping people deal with very difficult circumstances, and in equipping church members with tools for personal growth and ministry to others.


Associates of Science in counseling.
Bachelor of Science in counseling.
Masters of Science in counseling.
All programs include a minor in christian biblical studies.

The Department of Media Communication equips graduates to communicate skillfully, conduct research, think critically, and globally to prepare them for service in a variety of careers. Our faculty are known for expertise and excellence in both experience and teaching.
Media Communication Studies is the perfect major for students with multiple interests and diverse talents because the discipline provides theory, tools, and techniques for analyzing, managing and improving communication in every arena of professional and personal interaction. Communication plays a vital role in modern society. It permeates all social, corporate, civic, educational and religious situations — so the demand for competent communicators continues to grow.
Our program is focused on information management and human interaction: We prepare you for careers in which people and information come together. We emphasize team-building, the analysis and organization of information, and critical thinking. All programs include a minor in christian biblical studies.
Associates in Media Communications
Bachelors in Media Communications
minor in christian biblical studies

The Department of Social Work’s academic programs prepare our graduates to employ evidence-based interventions that offer hope, healing and equitable treatment for individuals, families, groups, communities and organizations. Whether you are looking for an undergraduate experience that will ready you for entry-level social work practice, or for an advanced professional degree in social work, we believe LLCU’s Studies in Social Work can provide you an education that will open many doors throughout your career. All programs include a minor in christian biblical studies.
While you are in classes here, prepare to be pushed not only academically, but spiritually, socially, mentally and morally. If you have a comfort zone, prepare for it to be demolished. That’s our job, and we love what we do.We have high standards for each of our LLCU students, and a wonderful faculty that is dedicated to helping you be successful and reach your goals while you are learning here. While in our program you will not only be educated in the field of social work, but you will also be provided with opportunities to do research, present to professional groups, publish, and travel if you so wish. It is an exciting time filled with opportunities here in the LLCU School of Social Work, and the faculty is prepared to walk along side you throughout the educational process.
Associates in Social Work
Bachelors in Social Work
minor in christian biblical studies

The Lion’s Department of Education 


  • Bachelors of Education (Primary Education)
  • Bachelors of Education (Secondary Education)
  • With a minor in christian biblical studies

Bachelor of Education (Primary Education)

If you are seeking a rewarding, stimulating and enjoyable career in teaching, LLCU provides a high quality, well-regarded course for beginning primary school teachers grades K-8.

The Bachelor of Education (Primary) provides a qualification for those who wish to teach children aged five to twelve years in the government, Christian and independent school sectors.

This course aims to develop graduates who are noted for the quality of their preparation and dedication to the teaching profession, who can demonstrate a clear understanding of the integration of education theory and classroom practice, and are responsive to the changing cultural, social and individual needs of children in schools.

The course has a strong Information Communication Technology (ICT) to encompass all rapidly emerging, evolving and converging computer, software, networking, telecommunications, Internet, programming and information systems technologies in the Classroom, English and Mathematical focus with a student-centered approach to teaching and learning. The course is organised into three components:

Core education
Your core education units will comprise the bulk of the course and are taken throughout the four years. You will cover areas such as planning, implementing and evaluating learning experiences and programs; the curriculum learning areas; classroom management and teaching strategies; theories of learning; and teaching children with diverse learning needs. There is a strong emphasis on creating and nurturing an inquiry approach and analytic and critical thinking. All programs include a minor in christian biblical studies.

There are two main elective streams:

  • The Christian education stream (3 units), which provides you with the background to apply for teaching positions in Christian schools.
  • The Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) stream (3 units), which provides you with the background and skills to teach students from Non-English Speaking Backgrounds (NESB).

Teaching practice
School experience forms a significant part of the degree. You will work in schools in various capacities and for varying lengths of time throughout the program, culminating a final term-long internship (usually 10 weeks). During the internship, you will have the major responsibility for a class, under the supervision of a mentor teacher.

Bachelor of Education (Secondary Education)

This course is designed to prepare you for a rewarding career in secondary school teaching and, at the same time, allows the pursuit of specialist interests.

The degree is recognized nationally and internationally for those who aspire to teach students aged twelve to eighteen in public and private schools.

As part of the degree program, the major teaching area qualifies you to teach up to year 12 in secondary school. The minor teaching area qualifies you to teach up to year 12 in secondary school. All programs include a minor in christian biblical studies.

Core education
The core education units comprise the bulk of the course and are taken throughout the four years. You will cover areas such as planning, implementing and evaluating learning experiences and programs; the curriculum learning areas; classroom management and teaching strategies; theories of learning; and teaching children with diverse leaning needs. There is a strong emphasis on creating and nurturing an inquiry approach and analytic and critical thinking.

Teaching practice
School experience forms a significant part of the degree. You will work in schools in various capacities and for varying lengths of time throughout the program, culminating a final term-long internship (usually 10 weeks). During the internship, you will have the major responsibility for a class, under the supervision of a mentor teacher.

Why secondary Education?

  • You will be immersed in a digitally rich e-learning environment that complements your studies and enhances your teaching skills. You will be encouraged to participate in the learning process and acquire the skills needed to be digitally fluent and there is a focus on group interaction and continuous assessment.
  • Secondary education is a much sought-after phase of learning. Currently there is a shortage of teachers working in this area consequently there is a high-uptake of graduates by employers.


The Department of Business provides broad preparation for the Christian to lead and serve effectively in business and society, offering three degree programs: the Associate in Business, the Bachelor of Business Administration, and the Masters in Business Administration. Students will learn Accounting, Management, and Marketing, taking 110 credit hours of classes in their AA degree. Students graduating with a Business degree also earn a Minor in Christian Biblical Studies.


Our purpose is to prepare students to glorify God through Christ-centered leadership and vocational excellence in business professions. The need for Christian business leaders has never been greater than it is today, and graduates with a degree in business administration are equipped to go out into their chosen fields and demonstrate not only an exemplary knowledge of business practices and principles, but also a firm foundation in Christian principles.

At Lions Life Coaching University, business students know that their professors care about them personally and academically. Professors not only have outstanding education and experience credentials, but also are active in local church congregations and professional organizations. Class sizes are small, allowing professors to get to know each student’s gifts and aspirations. In addition, professors welcome interaction with students outside of class, and they can frequently be seen working with students in their offices or socializing with students around campus. By providing a caring, professional, Christian example, professors can influence the lives of students in a more meaningful way and help them achieve their personal and career goals.


Although the field of business is broad, the Department of Business assists students in selecting the career direction that best fits their own desires and abilities. We offer Associates and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration that provides broad exposure to the different subject areas in business as well as the liberal arts, and enables students to study areas in Accounting, Management, and Marketing. Both degrees are designed to give students the business acumen and personal capabilities necessary to succeed both personally and professionally. Applied learning is crucial to both programs, and class projects frequently involve solving real-world problems for real companies. These experiences allow students to apply knowledge gained through coursework to the practical demands of a business environment. In the process, students learn much about themselves and gain valuable work experience and knowledge.


Graduates in business administration are prepared to assume a variety of positions in corporate, private, government and nonprofit organizations and are prepared to pursue graduate degrees in business, such as the M.B.A. Graduates with an A.A. in business administration are prepared for entry-level administrative positions and baccalaureate-level study (Bachelor Degree Study).

LLCU’s Department of Music offers students the opportunity to develop their musical skills in a Christian context, learn from church and community musicians and enjoy the rich cultural opportunities the Lions community has to offer. The University’s music degrees prepare students for performance, teaching, and worship music ministry.

The University currently offers the following degrees in music:

  • Associates of Arts in Christian Dance and Music
  • Bachelor of Arts in Christian Dance and Music

Students in both programs specialize in christian dance and worship music ministry, performance, or music production. All programs include a minor in christian biblical studies. This degree is tailored for the creative person in mind. Christian Dances are similar to Ballet but in a Christian atmosphere. How can I use my degree in the real world? Grads most often play for a Church or they teach others by opening their very own Dance studio or classes for the community. Single Moms or Stay at home Moms are great candidates for this degree because it uplifts their spirits and changes their life for the better. Become a Christian Dance Teacher by enrolling in this degree today.

LLCU’s Department of Christian Dance and Music also boasts a variety of ensembles and other opportunities for music majors to refine their skills outside the classroom, including:

  • LLCU Signature Voices
  • LLCU Community Band
  • LLCU Concerts

In addition to campus, church, and school performances, groups have performed for local civic events, sporting events, at youth and adult conventions and in concert with other college performing arts groups.


Students interested in the major in music at LLCU audition with the music faculty and complete the Music Aptitude Test and the Music Theory Placement Test before beginning classes. The music major student is a member of the LLCU Concert group each semester. All music majors perform a junior recital or the equivalent in the applied major; those with the performance and pedagogy specialization perform a senior recital.


Music courses are provided without audition for non-music majors, such as music fundamentals, music appreciation and class instruction in applied music. All students are eligible to audition for the University Concert Group and other ensembles. Applied music instruction is offered to non-music majors if prerequisites are met and permission is secured from the department chair. Other courses in music may be taken by non-majors (as electives) with the approval of the department chair.

Fine Arts students have access to a multitude of internship opportunities, including positions at public and private schools, local churches, radio stations and more.

Why study music?  What are the job opportunities once I am done?

Professional careers in music performance; Church music; private teaching; teaching in Performing Arts Schools
Teaching in public or private institutions
Going on to graduate programs in performance, music education, music therapy, or church music
A larger number of music majors are accepted into medical schools as compared to other disciplines
Music strengthens the soft skills of leadership and communication which are highly prized by employers



The Painting Department has been the vanguard in the development of notable visual artists. While the department discourages inflexibility and bookish mentality, it stresses a systematic preparation and focus in the studio arts – drawing, sculpting, and especially, painting. The viewpoint is brought about by the reality that this department’s course program in one of the top-ranked in the country. The program both encourages and challenges students to comprehend past and present examples of painting and to incorporate that understanding into actual practice. Learners will display a detailed comprehension through composition, expression, and the use of a visual vocabulary, by learning anatomy, life drawing, life sketching, modeling, photography, freehand drawing, and creative design and the part they play in expressing sensibility and exuberance. Learners will be capable in the use of media such as oil, watercolor, acrylic, and pastel and will reveal through their works a sense of competence in an assortment of painting modes including the human figure, still life, portrait, and landscape. We believe that it is important for students to make a connection with art by encouraging them to make their efforts relevant to their lives and the world in which they live.

Theatre Department

This theatre program provides artists and audiences quality theatrical experiences that educate, inspire, enrich and unite. LLCU is a collaborative ensemble of students, community members and professionals that recognizes learning and growth as its primary goal. The development of skills, intellect, commitment and a generous spirit are nurtured with respect and compassion. The reward is the opportunity to work among a group of people dedicated to celebrating life – to learn and grow while practicing the art and craft of theatre.

Dance Department

Lion’s Dance Degree educates the individual as a dance practitioner, scholar, and artist in a creative, supportive, and challenging environment. The department provides a solid foundation in christian dance similar to ballet dance. Students are encouraged to explore their values while creating a personal philosophy as an artist with responsibility and integrity.

A solid core of technical training with additional courses in choreography, production, pedagogy, dance history, and courses related to the major give a foundation and depth to students’ knowledge of the art form. Performing gives the students the background and experience to begin making works.


  • To instruct you in classical ballet vocabulary, technique, and related history appropriate to the level
    of the course.
  • To establish a consistency of ‘daily’ studio practice and towards using ballet class progression to
    build a ‘permanent’ foundation for building your technique.
  • To approach all training, practice and performance from an anatomically correct and ‘core
    connected’ standpoint, especially in the application of rotation (both parallel and outward).
  • Build musical, rhythmic, phrasing, and spatial skills suitable to the technique and style of ballet.
  • Initiate the process of connecting theory and technique to a basic level performance aptitude.
  • Create an environment to test and improve the student’s physical aptitude in ballet technique.
  • Enhance aesthetic and practical appreciation of the work behind this exacting and exciting art form.
  • To develop and practice absorbing new material quickly and to perform combinations with attention to
  • Develop an appreciation of the theory, criticism and aesthetic behind this exacting yet exciting art


  • Associates of Arts in Fine Arts (in Paint, or Theater, or Dance)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts (in Paint, or Theater, or Dance)
  • Minor in christian biblical studies

Finally, because this is a Christian institution, we have the blessing of being able to do everything within the context of following Jesus Christ. We hope that you will always dedicate yourself to help others while serving our Lord. That is our goal and desire for you.

Apply online and begin your future now. Just click on the link below, download our Admissions Application and email it to edu@LionsLifeCoaching.com or drop it off at the Office 4100 Evans Ave Suite #16, Fort Myers, FL 33901 If you need any assistance we will be glad to assist you.